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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Well its been fun getting the front yard planted, still waiting for mulch, the chipper is on the Kona side. The mulch will really add the definition to the garden's edges. Finished the lower patio yesterday.

Some of the combos have been great, I love this coleus and plectranthus contrast. Gotta go to work -later


Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Plantings in the front yard

Planted the a big chunk of the front garden today with Andy, so glad I shipped over the tractor, went through at least 10 yds of cinder soil
The pic is a before shot, I'll post some afters soon.

For those who like to know, here's what we planted today:

Acalypha amentacea ssp. wilkesiana 'Loco'
Acalypha wilkesiana 'Ceylon Red'
Acalypha wilkesiana marginata (California Form)
Acalypha wilkesiana marginata (Puna Form)
Aechmea pectinata
Averrhoa carambola 'Kajang'
Averrhoa carambola B-10
Beccariophoenix madagascariensis
Blechnum chilaensis
Bromeliad sp. (from Kartuz)
Brugmansia  ‘Snowbank’
Brugmansia 'Compulsive Collector'
Brunfelsia floribunda
Chambreyonia macrocarpa
Codiaeum 'Yellow Rams Horn'
Cordyline terminalis ‘Flaming Pink Red’
Cordyline terminalis 'Hawaiian Flag' (H Eunice)
Cordyline terminalis 'Katryn' (Katherine)
Cordyline terminalis 'Lilinoe'
Cordyline terminalis 'Princess Kyla Mini'
Cordyline terminalis 'Princess Kyla'
Cordyline terminalis 'Robin Red Breast'
Costus malortienus
Elaeagnus philippinensis
Etlingera elatior 'Siam Rose'
Gardenia brighamii (Hawaii native)
Gardenia jasminoides 'Glazerii’
Hedychium auranticum (Apricot)
Hedychium flavum (Bill Byron selection)
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Blueberry Thrill'
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Romeo'
Hibiscus schizopetalus x  'El Capitola Peachy'
Iresine ‘Party Time’ (Alternanthera)
Jacaranda mimosifolia  ‘Midnight’
Manihut ensculenta variegata
Metrosideros kermadecensis ‘Gala’
Metrosideros polymorpha 'Orange'
Plectranthus sp. Blue Yonder'
Plumeria rubra 'Donald Angus'
Plumeria rubra 'Sunset'
Plumeria rubra 'Yellow Shell'
Posoqueria latifolia
Saccharum officinarum 'Purple'
Salvia 'Wendy's Wish'
Sesbania punicea (Daubentonia)
Strelitzia reginae 'Goldcrest' ( Mandela’s Gold)
Synsepalum dulcificum
Tabebuia impetiginosa (T. ipe) Dark Pink Form
Theobroma cacao (Where chocolate comes from)
Thunbergia erecta 'Alba'
Trachelospermum jasminoides variegata
Veitchia arecina
Vitex trifoliata variegata
Zingiber zerumbet cv. 'Variegated' 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring Catch Up

The perennials are really filling in.

Well, it's been way to long since my last post. So here's a little, just to catch up. My ex-brother in-law Ray Salcedo, who now lives in South Korea, came to visit for a couple a weeks in Feb. We had a great time, this pic is a trip to the Kona side, a historical landmark 'The place of refuge'The garden continues to grow, it was very dry in Jan. & Feb. we had to water quite a bit & actually had to buy water (we only have catchment) a few times. Our next door neighbor Greg let me hook up an inch and a half hose to his well, so we now have all the water we need, if it doesn't rain. March started a more regular rain cycle, getting about a half inch a night, trust me, much appreciated.
We added some more new beds in front. After the scrub was removed, we built retaining walls and filled them with cinder soil. The plants seem to love it, but we do have to feed quite often as it doesn't hold much nutrient. I'm hoping the tick layer of mulch will decompose and provide a slow feed long term, and save the cost of fertilizer. Costly here.

Really enjoying the Seashore paspalum turf, it always get comment when people see it.
We went to a great garden in Opihikao, this amazing palm, Attalea cohune is definitely on the list to put in the garden.
I promise to post more regularly, getting more settled here.